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Kevin's pick! Grown to perfection; a truly beautiful tree. The perfect tree with the strongest branches for decorating, full needles & beautifully colored silver tint. Our Fraser Fir are amazing and from an award winning grower in the high altitude Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Nicely vertically shaped = not too wide & great if you need to save space. 



Perfectly shaped. Full & Fresh. Strong branches. Silverish Color

Shed less & take up less room. 

Price: $$

Freshness: A+

Branch Strength: A+

Sizes: 4 to 14 ft

Price: $

Freshness: A+

Fragrance: A+

Sizes: 5 to 8 ft

Amazing freshness, fullness & WOW they smell amazing in your home!! Always full & Christmas fresh the Douglas Fir is a favorite and the tree many of us grew up with. Our award winning Pennsylvania grower sculpts them all  year for density and a perfect shape! Deep green needles make the douglas a picture perfect tree. 



Amazingly Fragrant!

Full & fresh. Deep green color.

Soft needles. 


Price: $

Freshness: A+

Fragrance: A+

Sizes: 5 to8 ft

Coming soon.

just arrived!



Exclusive at Kevin's Tree Lot!

Full & Fresh

Strong Branches

Sourced from Maine 

Price: $$

Freshness: A+

Fragrance: A+

Sizes: 5 to8 ft

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